We are partnering with local community based organizations (CBOs) to organize holistic volunteering programs for you. No matter your background, your interests, your experience or your time at hand, we ensure that you can fully leverage your skills and have the biggest impact possible - for you and the community you are working in.

Our Programmes


Tell us your skills, interest, ideas, and we will design a programme for you. If you are unsure what you would like to do, we will present you options based on current projects at our partner organizations.

Flexible in Duration!

“No time” to volunteer? No matter how much time you have to spare - 1 Day, 1 Week, or several months - we offer volunteering opportunities tailored to your schedule.


We have a lot of experience on the ground and know where to cut unnecessary cost while maintaining all the quality. If you enjoy more comfort during your volunteering work, we can also arrange that.


Our experience combined with the partnerships with our community based organisations (CBOs) ensure that you can improve lives from the first moment of your volunteering assignment.


We make sure that you get immersed in the local environment, become part of the community, learn from the locals, make new friends.


Do you have your own idea or project that you would like to work on during your assignment? Brilliant! We support your own initiatives - just talk to us!

Areas of Impact

Whatever volunteering program we offer, it is of utmost importance to us that we empower the local communities and help them to become more self-sufficient. Our (and your) change is meant to be long-term and sustainable and not just a once-off investment.

We have volunteering programs that touch on many different areas of the life of our local partner communities - topics such as

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us for more information, and we will design an individually tailored volunteering program together with you!

Application Process

We like to provide value to our local partners, and thus we wish to recruit only motivated volunteers that we believe can also bring positive impact to our host organization. We will assess your application documents including CV, Motivation Letter, and an Engagement Form.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everybody should be able to volunteer and have an impact - no matter background, age, available time or budget. We are partnering with local community based organizations (CBOs) and design our programs so that volunteers can to bring forth change and immerse themselves in the local communities.

Before, during, or after your volunteering with Travel for Change, you might want to get see more of your host country. That's why we offer the opportunity of “Voluntourism” the unique blend of volunteering activities with sustainable tourism.


Do you have further questions? Here are some of our FAQ’s. If they do not provide you with the matching answer, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced staff who will answer questions for you.

Is there a minimum stay?

There is no minimum stay, although we suggest you stay at least 2 weeks in order for the community (and you) to benefit more.

Is there a maximum stay?

There is no actual maximum stay, but normally volunteers stay up to three months. If you would like stay longer, this can be arranged on the ground with the respective NGO.

Where will I sleep?

We will provide you with accommodation throughout your volunteering stay. The actual accommodation depends on which NGO you will work in, but it is usually a clean, safe, comfortable but basic accommodation with shared bathroom, kitchen, and living rooms.

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

Yes you can, but you will then be responsible for your own transport to your workplace as well, and we can not support you in your accommodation search.

Is it safe? What if something happens?

We are partnering with NGO’s that have experience with volunteers and are keeping them safe, so safety is normally not an issue - just use common sense. Please make sure you are properly insured before your trip with both Health and Travel Insurance.

Is there an assessment to become a volunteer?

We like to provide value to our local partners, and thus we wish to recruit only capable and motivated volunteers. ALthough there is no formal assessment of your skills, we will screen your application documents including CV, Motivation, and an Engagement Form and consult with host organizations before we accept volunteers.

Can I do trips during my assignment?

You can do trips during your assignment in agreement with your supervisor. However, we encourage you to do trips before or after your volunteering assignment. You can book trips with Travel for Change directly.

Do I get a discount on Safaris and Tours if I am a volunteer?

Yes, if you book any tours with us and you are volunteering (minimum 1 week), you will get a 2.5% discount on the total price.

Can I change the field of volunteering I want to work in during my stay?

Yes, that is absolutely possible. We would however encourage you to stay at least 2 weeks in one field, in order to have real impact.

Can I come with some friends?

Yes, it is also possible to come in small groups. Please contact us for more information.

What if I would like to shorten or prolong my volunteering stay?

That is no problem, just discuss with your supervisor.

I have my own idea or project, can I pursue this during my volunteering?

Yes please! We would like to hear your proposal and see if it would be a good fit for our local partners.

Can I also volunteer for Travel for Change in the business operations?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in collaborating with us directly, please contact us and we can take it from there.