Travel for Change is offering a unique blend of sustainable tourism and individually tailored, high-impact volunteering in Madagascar.

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Our Business Model


Travel, done right, is an enriching experience - and we believe this should be true for both the visitors and for the hosts. Thus, we at Travel for Change strive to create unforgettable trips for our clients while at the same time changing the local communities for the better.


We offer pre-planned or custom-made itineraries to match your taste and budget. Be it safaris, cultural tours, adventure tours, or a combination - we ensure you are making the best out of your holiday in Madagascar. By partnering with local businesses, our tours are directly advancing the local economy.


We are partnering with local community based organizations (CBOs) to organize holistic volunteering programs for you. No matter your background, your interests, your experience or your time at hand, we ensure that you can fully leverage your skills and have the biggest impact possible - for you and the community you are working in.

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Contact us by email to get a ask your questions, get price quote and book your trip.

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Secure Online Payments

We offer secure online credit card payments. We use leading encryption algorithms in order to protect your information, and we don't store any credit card information on our servers.